Hills Piano Studio

A fun, state-of-the-art piano studio in the Perth Hills

Love your musical journey. Get started today!​

Have you always wanted to play those rich classical pieces, or maybe a heart stirring ballad, or maybe a swingin’ blues riff is more your gig. The Hills Piano Studio can teach you that… and a whole lot more.

Our unique studio will also help you find your own musical twist. It’s called improvisation, but don’t let the word scare you. Improv is not just for the gifted few, nor just for the professionals. Musical self–expression is for everyone! Young or old. This is for you.

Alongside learning the key theoretical concepts of music, explore the joy of creativity. Sit down and play your own music right in the moment, spontaneously. Or jam along to a lead sheet and accompaniment track. Play the piano along to movies played on our big screen, right here in our state-of-the-art studio.

We are thrilled to teach the InnerMusician curriculum - Play a Story, alongside other programs tailored to your needs. We are proud to collaborate with teachers from different backgrounds and methods, keeping us relevant and innovative.

  • ​Lessons for kids and adults

  • Creative lessons will inspire your learning

  • Play like an artist, right from the start

  • Learn privately, in a group or online

  • Enjoy the fun of a state-of-the-art studio

  • Discover your own musical personality

Intro Session

Let’s meet! There’s no substitute for a good face to face chat. Have a listen to what you could be playing just a step down the track. Let me hear your dreams and hopes for your own playing

Join our studio

We specialise in small group classes… it’s our most popular learning opportunity! We also have private students and an ever increasing number of on-line students

Teacher coaching

Over the past 6 years, Lyndel has coached teacher groups in ‘Improvisation’ and held demonstration ‘Master Classes’ throughout Australia, USA and Canada.

We have introduced hundreds of students to the joy of playing and creating their own music


Jenn, 12 years old

"I have the best piano teacher there is - kind, patient, constructive and supportive. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher."

"The Play a Story method gives me the freedom and confidence to explore, improvise and compose my own music."

"I love that my piano lessons have taught me the skills to play my favourite songs without needing sheet music."

​Maya, 9 years old

​"I love the way my teacher uses little stories to help me remember which notes to play when I am learning a new song."

"When I’m having trouble learning new chords my teacher’s positivity and encouragement helps me feel confident that I will succeed."

"I’m learning to play from my heart and my imagination so I feel free to create my own piano music."

Lara, Parent

​“Lyndel is a rare, special talent when it comes to evoking creativity and enthusiasm with the kids.”